In initial stage of development the use of things made from chemical substances help children? Or does it?
An Energy powder made from pure Cocoa Beans & Ganocelium (the root portion of ganoderma) 100% natural & multi beneficial. The poly sachrides in GL increases immune power so that your child is protected from small problems occurring on daily basis (cold, cough, fever, neumania). The organic germanium increases oxygen in blood circulatory system needed most by brain. It’s a brain tonic.  On regular consumption it not only helps develops physical growth but mental development, also the memory power & concentration level is enhanced by Cocozhi.
The root portion(GL) of ganoderma is very good for eye sight which in modern times your child’s eyesight is getting weaker by Mal Nutrition over exposed to TV and Computer etc. giving Cocozhi regularly is the solution for those problems.
Some children have lactose intolerance problem (vomiting milk as soon as drinking) Cocozhi can solve the problem sooner.
Ganoderma in Cocozhi can keep pregnant ladies healthy physical & mental development of the baby & prove to be a blessing. Most of people specially those doing field world after a days work in the evening they tend to take fast food or fried food. If they change to Cocozhi they can get natural nutrition’s & power packed energy.
Many feel fatigue & weakness throughout the day this is due to lack of oxygen & adequate nutrition. Regular consumption of Cocozhi & spiriluna can be 100% answer to this problem.
We invest a large amount on child’s education.if we invest a little amount for better development of brain then our children will come out with flying colors in all exams of life.
1 Sachet of Cocozhi 32 grams contains 6 spoons. If u use 2 spoons daily then the monthly expense is Rs300 which all parents can afford to invest in their children’s over all development.

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