Why 6 hours of sleep may lead to Dehydration?Third party image reference
It’s winters and who wouldn’t like a few extra hours of sleep tucked inside their warm blanket? Apart from comfort and ease, there is another reason that is compelling enough to keep you in bed for longer – turns out, a few extra hours in bed could help avoid dehydration. Regarding to a new research released in the journal Rest, anything under six hours of shut- eyes an evening could leave our anatomies dehydrated.
“Short and long rest duration are associated with reduced kidney function, but small analysis has examined how rest is connected with hydration status”, the analysis states.

Why 6 hours of sleep may lead to Dehydration?Third party image reference
The analysis analysed records greater than 25, 000 adults in China and the united states, who were asked about their sleeping habits and had urine samples taken up to appear for biomarkers associated with hydration”, Science Alert reported.
For the intended purpose of the research, the relationship between rest duration and urinary hydration biomarkers among adults in a cross-cultural context were assessed and in comparison to reach a conclusion.
Researchers found that individuals who slept 6 hours an evening had considerably more concentrated urine and a 16-59 % higher potential for being dehydrated, weighed against adults who were regularly getting a normal eight hours of rest.
Concentrating on a hormone known as vasopressin, a man-made kind of a hormone known as “anti-diuretic hormone” and is generally secreted simply by the pituitary gland that your body releases throughout the day and the evening to control fluid levels, the experts concluded that their findings could be linked to the way the body’s hormonal system regulates hydration.
“Vasopressin is released both more quickly and later on in the sleep cycle, ” says one of the team members, Asher Rosinger from Pennsylvania State University. “ So, if you’re waking up earlier, you might miss that window where even more of the hormone is normally released, leading to a disruption in the body’s hydration”, he informed Research Alert pointing out that rest and hydration could, actually, influence each other.

Why 6 hours of sleep may lead to Dehydration?Third party image reference
“This study shows that if you’re not getting enough sleep, and you are feeling bad or tired the very next day, drink extra water, ” Rosinger stated.
Dehydration may have a negative influence on us – from disposition, cognition and headaches, to kidney function, dizziness and physical performance. Appears like, apart from keeping well hydrated with liquids and salts, it will always be smart to sleep set for a few extra hours, preferably with one glass of water on your own bedside.