Dr. Gundry: Remind me about horses later on because we have a reader question that we’re going to talk about, oats, and we’ll get your opinion. Then I’ll give you my opinion. My oldest daughter is a horsewoman. She’s got six horses, so we’ll talk about oats. Annabelle Lee: Wonderful. Dr. Gundry: What took you to Temecula, first of all? Annabelle Lee: Well, let’s see. We had four young men growing quickly and we were looking for a place that we could still buy property that was affordable. Dr. Gundry: These are your kids, I assume? Annabelle Lee: Our kids, yes. Dr. Gundry: Okay. Annabelle Lee: Four boys. We found Temecula. We were in the southern California area at the time and I’ve always loved Temecula, the smell of the orange blossoms that used to be there and now it’s a lot of grapes, but it’s beautiful and there was lots of space to find some property to raise our boys. That’s what we did. We built our own house and used a lot of teenage muscle to help us stand walls and such. Dr. Gundry: Well, it sounds like you needed some teenage muscle because you’ve actually dealt with issues of autoimmune disease. Annabelle Lee: Yes. Dr. Gundry: You want to got into that because that’s an area of my interest, as well. Annabelle Lee: Yes, and you’ve done so much to help. You’ve opened my eyes so much, as well. Well, my story goes actually back a couple of years to when I was about 18. Dr. Gundry: A couple, right? Annabelle Lee: During the time I was pregnant with my first child, I got a urinary tract infection, first and only one I ever had. I received antibiotics and didn’t think too much of it because it was supposedly normal, but after I had Josh, I began experiencing mysterious knee swelling and pain. The doctors, of course, tested me. Rheumatoid arthritis was always the first one. They did all kinds of tests. Then the swelling would go away on its own and nobody knew what it was. It was just mysterious. Then throughout the years, we moved back east and I kept really busy. We had more children and after each child, especially, my knees would swell, come and go, and no doctors could … They were drained and tested and they could never figure it out. I just chalked it up to being under stress and this is what my hormonal or something that my knees did. That was years ago and it just kept happening. Annabelle Lee: Eventually, I wound up getting another infection. This one was years later, where I felt like I couldn’t raise my arms within days. I got it from food. It was scary, but then it kind of went away. Then not long after that, I began experiencing widespread joint and muscle pain. My knees swelled up terribly then and I wouldn’t be able to get rid of the swelling. I had all kinds of things going on. One of the first things I gravitated to was to quit gluten because that’s like well, maybe there’s gluten. I was having digestive issues, too. I was putting on weight and just not feeling well. I was reaching probably my 40th birthday at that time. I quit gluten, but unfortunately, I like to bake and also I would buy things, as well, but gluten-free products are so full of starches and other grains that are not good for you and sugars and that. To Join me in DXN :https://goo.gl/3zcvnr (Contact me after Joining For more Info. if needed) Do you want to Rank Your Videos on Youtube? Click the link to get Instant Discount here – https://goo.gl/YvQmkC Recent Videos The Truth About Calorie Restriction – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZkmc… What Leads to Dementia ? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJlDH… Your Brain Is NOT In Your Head – Doctor Explains – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vm0NG… Why you should Quit Your Job : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HH3Bc… Get Socialistic ****************************************** Share, Support and Subscribe to my Channel Youtube: https://goo.gl/2J87ds Twitter: https://twitter.com/M_M_Rangoonwala Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MustafaRango… Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+MustafaR… Website: https://mindboodygreen.blogspot.com/ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/holistic_me… Email : [email protected] (Only serious Enquiries and no Spam please) ******************************************* I am an DXN Independent Distributor. Our Main AIM is to Aware People about Food Supplements and its Miraculous Healing Powers. DXN is the company which is know for its Lergest Ganoderma Producing ability since last 2 decades. In Direct Selling Company DXN Ranks 24th in Top 100 Companies. It is one of the most well known and fastest growing organization in the world by virtue of the One Dragon, One World, One Market. ************************************