If you decide to purchase an air fryer to make healthier foods, it helps to know a little more about how it works and ways to use it. These helpful tips are going to guide you through some basics and help to avoid common mistakes people make with this appliance.
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Get the Prep Work Right
The first tip that can really help you use the air fryer to its maximum potential is to be patient and thorough with your prep work. If you don’t do the ‘breading’ right or you fail to preheat the air cooker, your food might not come out exactly right. Make sure the air fryer is a good size where there are several inches between the back of it where the vent is and the wall of your kitchen behind the countertop. If you have shallow countertops, get a smaller air fryer.
You also want to make sure that when you are coating your food to be fried, you start with the flour, then egg, then bread or bread substitute. For low-carb foods, this might be almond flour, egg, and crushed pork rinds or even cheese as the breading. Also ensure the air fryer is preheating until the timer goes off before the food goes in.
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Know How to Load Food Into the Air Fryer
When it comes time to air fry your food, you should know the basic techniques for loading it inside. Just like a deep fryer, the air fryer comes with a basket to hold the food in place. You want to make sure there is enough space in the basket so that each food item can be cooked thoroughly. Try not to overcrowd it, or your foods might not be as crispy as you want. Foods should preferably be flipped halfway through cooking as well. Also shake the baskets when you flip the food to distribute seasonings a little better for the remainder of the cooking.
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Clean the Air Fryer After Each Use
You want to keep your air fryer in good use, which requires regular cleaning. After each use, clean the air fryer and the basket thoroughly. This will help to keep it sanitary and prolong its lifespan. This should not be any more complicated than other cooking appliances, just be careful to wait to clean it until the fryer has cooled off completely.