Everyday Yoga for Everybody : Class 5 – Activating the upper part

Start at the front of your mat in Mountain pose; keep your big toes touching and your heels slightly apart. Press the soles of the feet into the mat and activate the muscles in your legs. Focus your entire attention on your breath and let the abdomen and chest expand and and the shoulders lift. Breathe into your abdomen, chest and shoulders.

On the next inhale lift your arms up to the ears, draw your stomach in, bring the chin towards the chest and start rolling down towards the mat, vertebra by vertebra. Keep your arms glued to your ears and bend from the hips. Try to touch the fingertips on the mat and press your chest to your thighs.

Bend your knees, place the palms down, move the weight into your arms and jump your feet backwards. Come into a High plank, palms under the shoulders and feet hip distance apart. Engage the abdomen and the legs.

Slowly lower down towards the mat in Eight-Limbed Pose (Ashtangasana), shifting your shoulders and heart forward towards your fingertips, elbows in, pressing the chest and the chin down to the floor and keeping the tailbone up. Touch the mat with your chin, chest and knees.

Inhale, make your arms straight and push your chest forward through your arms. Contract the thigh muscles and the abdomen and lift the legs off the floor, pushing the top of the thighs back the heels into the floor. Firm the shoulder blades against your back, widen them and draw them towards the tailbone. Look to your knees or to your navel. Breathe.

Lower the knees to the mat, push your chest forward though your arms and come into Chaturanga. Lower until your shoulders and at the same height as your elbows. Then press the chest forward through your arms and up, pressing your palms into the mat and your upper body away from the floor and come into Upward facing dog. Firm your thighs, gaze up. 

From here bring your buttock on your heels, stretch the arms forward and come into Child pose.

Once again come onto your knees, place the toes on the mat and return to the High Plank, pressing your chest away from the floor and your heels back.

Move the weight on your right palm, lift the left arm up and come into the Side plank, keeping your legs engaged and pushing the outer edges of your feet together into the mat. Keep the feet flexed, legs and abdominal muscles strong. Gaze up toward your left palm.

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