There are so many mistakes that beginners make when they start bodybuilding, and there are some very good reasons to avoid them. The obvious one is that some of these could cause you to injure yourself, which is something you will certainly want to avoid. Another big danger, however, is that you will learn bad habit in the beginning which will keep you from reaching your goals. Here are several beginner mistakes to avoid when you begin muscle building: Pushing Yourself Too Hard The idea of “no pain, no gain” is a false one, and the sooner you get it out of your head, the better off you’ll be. People that push themselves until they hurt themselves will find that pain is just pain, and if you push yourself to the point of injury, then you end up losing out on valuable training time as you wait for the muscle to recover. If your muscle hurts for days following a workout, you went too far. You only need to push yourself slightly beyond your limit until you activate your muscle fibers. Pushing yourself beyond this could cause tearing and muscle damage which then takes a long time to repair. For some people, getting injured early in their muscle-building journey could turn them off from it permanently.


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