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Hyperacidity : An Indeed Prime Problem

Hyperacidity : An Indeed Prime ProblemHyperacidity: An Indeed Prime Problem

Symptoms of Hyperacidity

hyperacidity causes and symptomsHyperacidity is the problem which when diagnosed in early stages can be treated effectively and the risk of transforming it to the next stage can be prevented. So it is good to know about the symptoms so that when you or family friends have this symptom they can be treated easily. The main symptom is the indigestion problem.

The indigestion problem will be there continuously for a longer duration and this is mainly due to accumulation of lots of acids in the stomach and this will not allow secretion of other digestive juices and this will result in indigestion. The other important symptom of hyperacidity is the constipation problem.

When a person gets indigestion problem as well as constipation then he has to be immediately checked for this disease. The vomiting sensation will be present in the persons with the hyperacidity problem. Due to excess acid which is present in the stomach, there will be resistant from the stomach to accept new food which will ultimately result in vomiting sensation.

The stomach becomes hard due to the acid secretion which you feel externally. Due to the stomach being hard there will not be much interest for the person affected by hyperacidity to eat. This will make the person unhealthy. The other important symptom is the feeling of restlessness.

This feeling develops strongly since the person with it will not eat much and this will make him feel like that. The other important symptom is the lack of interest to eat since the patient may feel full due to the presence of excess acid.

Hyperacidity and Stomach Cancers

detailed explanation on Hyperacidity and Stomach CancerHyperacidity is the problem of over secretion of the acid that is helpful in digesting the foods. Due to the high amount of acid secretion it causes the inner layer of the stomach i.e. mucosa to undergo changes. The mucosa membrane is a very soft layer which when attacked by the acids will not bear and causes cell damage.

The problem starts with improper diet habits. When the diet is not taken properly the acid secreted in the stomach will not be used at all and this makes the acid to get in contact with the mucosa layer and causes damage.

It is a problem which can be treated easily in the preliminary stage. When the problem is left untreated it may lead to an ulcer. The ulcer when develops malignantly may lead to stomach cancer. But the chance of a person getting affected by stomach cancer only due to hyperacidity is a very rare one.

Stomach cancer is a problem when the cells of the inner layer of the stomach and other parts of the stomach to grow without any control. The cancer is uncontrolled growth of the cells and this growth of cell is not a fast process but a very slow one and thus this makes it un-noticeable.

The stomach cancers can be due to various reasons such as consuming spicy food, oily foods and many other reasons. The other important reason maybe it but one cannot always say a hyperacidity patient is prone to stomach cancer. If it is treated properly then there is no risk of stomach cancer.

Hyperacidity and Acid Reflux Disease

 Know how Hyperacidity and Acid Reflux Disease Can HappenHyperacidity and the acid reflux disease is a disorder caused mostly due to excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Hydrochloric acid helps in the digestion of the food. Acid reflux disease is the weakening of the valve that connects the mouth to the stomach.

Actually this valve opens to allow the food and then closes automatically. But when this valve weakens it remains open even after allowing the food inside which makes the stomach acid to flow back into the oesophagus which causes many serious consequences like heartburn. Some other symptoms of the acid reflux disease are a pain while swallowing, chest pain and the contents of the stomach come back into the mouth.

It may be caused due to continuous intake of anti-inflammatory medicines like aspirin, consumption of alcohol, intake of spicy foods and flavoured foods like pickles. Lack of proper exercise program, having a heavy meal and immediately going to bed, smoking and stress also contribute to it. Symptoms of hyperacidity are a pain in the stomach immediately after the intake of spicy food, vomiting and sometimes even blood vomiting and heartburn.

It can be successfully controlled by avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption, avoiding coffee, following a proper diet and a regular exercise program and leading a stress-free life. Powdered amla acts as a medicine for the acid reflux disease. This may be a serious problem if it has occurred in persons above fifty years of age. It is not a communicable disease. It can be controlled either by the consumption of conventional medicines like antacids or by the ayurvedic treatments or by the homoeopathic treatment.

Transmission of Hyperacidity

Here is How Transmission of Hyperacidity is spreadHyperacidity is a disease that occurs in the stomach due to over secretion of the acid. The acid is secreted incorrect amount but when the diet is taken by a person is not sufficient enough to use the acid secreted it is left wasted. This acid will destroy the inner layer of the skin. And when left untreated it may turn into an ulcer and cause further damage in the inner layer of the stomach. The ulcer may damage the submucous layer in the stomach which is the second layer of the stomach.

The hyperacidity is never a transmissible disease and it is a disease which occurs due to improper digestion and not taking enough nutritional foods. It occurring in person would not get transmitted to another person by means of air, water or physical contact with the patient.

The hyperacidity cannot be transmitted from a person to person by any means. The patient can be dealt like a normal person and they should never be seen abnormal. Since it is only a disease which is due to improper diet habits. Also, it is just another disease which will not affect the person living with an affected person.

Many people believe it is a transmissible disease, but it is not so. The medical analysis of the hyperacidity patients has proved that the disease would get transmitted from person to person in any case. So it is advised to mingle with the patients as usual and one must not show any discrimination to the people having this disease.

Hyperacidity and Stomach Ulcers

know how Hyperacidity and Stomach Ulcers are formedHyperacidity is a disorder caused due to dietary irregularities. Hydrochloric acid is produced in the stomach that aids in the digestion of the food that we consume. But when the production of the acid exceeds the requirement it results in the stomach disorder. The excessive acid present in the stomach favours the living of bacteria. The stomach ulcer may get aggravated by the intake of medicines like aspirin.

The symptoms for the stomach ulcers are a pain in the abdomen, vomiting and sudden loss of weight. Sometimes it results in serious consequences like bleeding, spreading of the ulcer to the organs like pancreas and liver. Inadequate diet, prolonged smoking, continuous consumption of alcohol, intake of spicy foods, an infection caused due to the inflammation and the absence of a balanced nutritional diet causes stomach ulcers.

Generally, the medicine used for controlling the ulcer is an antacid. It is a disorder and it is not a communicable disease. But it is always better to take all the preventive measure against the ulcer than curing it after the onset of the disorder. The preventive measures are following a balanced and healthy diet.

Foods like juices, fish and egg that stimulate the production of acid should be avoided. Smoking and drinking should be strictly avoided. Intake of coffee, chocolates should be reduced. The most common and effective treatment involves the intake of antacids in two or three combinations. The treatment process consists of cleaning the infection. The problem may occur again and this time it is removed by using some other antibiotics.

Complications of Hyperacidity

Complications of Hyperacidity in detailAny disease which is left untreated may cause severe consequences. Likewise, when the hyperacidity is left untreated it leads to severe problems. When it is left untreated, the first and foremost problem occurring in the patient is the damaging of the mucous membrane which is the inner layer of the stomach and also a very soft layer.

The damaging of the mucous membrane may lead to severe pain in the stomach. Even now if the hyperacidity problem is untreated, the next stage is the ulcer. The ulcer is due to the damaging of the second layer i.e. the submucous layer of the stomach and this causes the continuous pain in the stomach and there will be a continuous rupture of the stomach cells unless the disease is treated. The ulcer in the preliminary stage is very easy to cure but when it comes to the next stage it really becomes tuff to cure.

The ulcer, when left untreated, may cause further deepening of the mucous layer. This will affect the third layer of the stomach and thus will cause the ulcer to develop rapidly. Thus when the ulcer grows it really causes severe pain in the person and also cause other problems such as indigestion and constipation. The ultimate complication of the hyperacidity is stomach cancer.

The stomach cancer will occur when the hyperacidity is left untreated for a very long duration. As we know stomach cancer means slow development of cells in the stomach and this will be due to the hyperacidity. So it is better to treat it in the initial stage to avoid any complications in the later part of life.

Prevent Hyperacidity

Tips and Tricks to Prevent HyperacidityHyperacidity is mainly due to the improper diet and stress that develops in a person. When the acid secreted in the stomach is not utilized fully for the digestive purpose it stays in the stomach and this would damage the mucosa layer of the stomach.

The best way to prevent it is to take a proper diet and also the diet must be taken in the proper time. The hyperacidity can be prevented when a person takes proper food with essential nutritional contents. The other ways by which it can be prevented are by not skipping your breakfast. The breakfast is a very important one in human life since breakfast is taken after nearly 12 hours.

If a person did not take breakfast then the acid secreted in the stomach will not have any work thus making the acid secretion affect the stomach lining. So it is advised to take your breakfast compulsorily. Then the important thing to keep in mind is that the food that the person takes for breakfast. The breakfast must be heavy so that it must make use of the acid secreted during the night time.

Stress is the other important criteria that must be kept in control to prevent hyperacidity. Many may think about how the stress is coordinated with it. When a person develops stress the hormone responsible for the secretion of the acid starts working fast and this will result in a high amount of acid secretion. Thus when high acid is secreted it leads to many problems. So it is better to keep your head cool to avoid over secretion.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hyperacidity

Simple yet effective Ayurvedic Treatment for HyperacidityAyurvedic treatment has been proved very successful in the case of hyperacidity. The Ayurvedic treatment consists only of treating the person with the naturally obtained leaves, stems of the plants that are high medical values. Also, the fruits of some of the trees and plants can also be used for treating this disease.

Ayurvedic treatment has achieved a high level of success in controlling this problem and also it has played a vital role in the treating of it. The most used method of treating the hyperacidity is by using the Indian gooseberry fruit. The Indian gooseberry which is a common name of the Phyllanthus Emblica should be taken daily to treat hyperacidity.

The Indian gooseberry consists of vitamin C and is very helpful in treating it. This fruit helps in controlling the secretion of acids and the secretion will be made to stop unless the secreted acid is used effectively for digestion. Thus it plays a vital role in controlling and treating of the hyperacidity.

Glycyrrhiza glabra is another important Ayurvedic medicine used for treating the hyperacidity. Not the leaves or fruit of this plant is used for treating but the roots of this plant are used. The roots of this plant are usually called as liquorice and this root helps in treating the inner lining of the stomach. Thus when the acid is secreted in excess this root will help in protecting the inner layer of the stomach. This also helps in fast treating of the inner layer of stomach i.e. the mucosa.

Hyperacidity : An Indeed Prime Problem
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