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How to Make Easy Greek Yogurt – Video Included

How to Make Easy Greek Yogurt

How to Make Easy Greek Yogurt

I really like yogurt. I eat yogurt with almost every granola every day, so I do it once every five days.

I will show you how easy it is to make yogurt and then you can check it out, strain it and make Greek yogurt that I like. So to make curd you will need some things. The first is cooler, you need a little jug and lid. You need a pot to dissolve milk, a candy thermometer … actually these things are like two or three dollars, you should get one.

And you need some milk. We no longer have dairy animals … yet. Hopefully we can get some goats soon. So I bought it at a local dairy. You can use raw milk, the only thing you would avoid is ultra-pasteurized milk, and the reason for this is because when they are ultra-pasteurized, they basically destroy protein, so ultra-pasteurized milk tries to escape. I use whole milk, I have not tried skim milk or two percent, it is not my thing.

How to Make Easy Greek Yogurt

You can try it if you want. If you are going to make Greek yogurt, you are going to need, if you are going to continue making Greek yogurt, you need a pot and a strainer and muslin or I am just using a tablecloth. Strain through the curd. And finally, you are going to need a starter.

Now I use Stonyfield Organic Whole Milk Flat Yogurt. I have tried many different beginnings. Some of them work, others don’t. This one that I know works and most people can get it, that’s why I’m showing you guys. I want to make some notes on Heirloom yogurt here.

Now I’ve been making yogurt for a long time and one thing I hate is that I’m counting on buying my starter yogurt because it will only start three or four times when I use the store starter. Get thinning and thinning and thinning and then you need to remodel another starter container and then redo the whole process.

So I thought I’d take a look at Herolam Yogurt, which sounds amazing and is a company, specifically, that is always selling heirloom crops and I bought five strains through them and the five strains along with some other cultivated products I tried and have no luck. Whatever for them. I ended up with clotted milk instead of yogurt and it had no flavor at all.

Now that I went to leave an honest review about it, they removed it so that they had five-star reviews on all their products on their website. So, buyer, be careful with that, you’re welcome if you want.

I personally have no luck with that, I will continue buying it in the store, it is something I will do. Okay, so the first thing you are going to do is heat your milk. Now the reason you want to heat your milk is that you want to kill all the beneficial bacteria in milk.

The reason for this is because if you release beneficial bacteria, you are going to compete with the yogurt culture and you do not want the yogurt culture to predominate in your yogurt, otherwise, it will not produce yogurt.

How to Make Easy Greek Yogurt – Video Included

Then you will throw the milk in a pot and heat it over medium-low heat. I heat mine at four, and you’re going to heat it to a hundred and sixty degrees. You will pasteurize it without bouncing. Then it will heat it up slowly, and then when it reaches one hundred and sixty degrees, we will put it in our mason’s jar.


Okay, our temperature is up to 160. Now what are we going to do? We are going to put milk in our liter bottle. Now my jars are not sterilized, I do not sterilize them, it is not necessary, the heat will sterilize them. And then we are going to allow the milk to cool to 110 degrees. You don’t want to go below one hundred and ten, you want to make sure it’s right at 110 and when we’re going to add our yogurt.


There will be some skin in the milk … don’t worry about it. One very important thing is that you are pouring hot milk into the jug, you want to make sure your jars are hot. If your jars are cold, they will break. You want to leave headroom because we will add yogurt.


Okay, so I’ve used about three quarts that can fit in this pot, and, as you can see, it’s filled with a three-quart jar.

I am going to put the candy thermometer in these jars and when it drops to 110 degrees we will monitor very closely and when we will add our yogurt we will. Our curd is now 110 degrees, it takes about 45 minutes, now we are going to add our culture. All I have to do is pour two tablespoons of spoon into your crop and add it to each container. I don’t really measure, I only use about a quarter cup per quarter.


If you add too little then it won’t work if you add too much then you are just wasting yogurt so it is better not to add too much. And then let’s give it a little stir. Apply our tabs.


And now we have to pour it in one hundred and ten degrees of water, so we are going to fill our water cooler with one hundred and ten degrees of water, we are going to put these jars in it, and then we are going to put it in five Let it rest for eight hours. Now I haven’t touched it in seven hours. I did not put water on it, I did not heat it.

We are going to check our yogurt. You can see that the curd is moving away from the jar, that means it is ready. Now technically it was made in about five hours, but now you let it sit spicier, and I personally like it to be a bit spicier. Let’s open it up and show you what it looks like.


So if you look here, you can see that we have a good creamy yogurt. Now you can take it as if you wanted a thin curd, then you can take it and store it in the refrigerator. It will be a little thicker. Personally, I like very thick Greek yogurt, so I’m going to show you how. This is all you need to make thick Greek yogurt.


I only have a pot with a strainer and it’s actually a linen napkin. You can use … I have used a scarf and muslin, just to emphasize what is in your hand. And you’re just dipping the curd into a sieve. All right, so now we’re going to leave this seat for about an hour and a half, it’s long enough to peel off the whey, and then we’re going to take it out and put it back in our Huh yogurt jar


I’ve found that about three-quarters of the curd when you’re done stressing it is in about two quarters finished, so this third jar I’m going to wash and put away and then we’ll be back in about an hour. Half will come and let me show you what the curd looks like and We will put it in the jar. Hi guys, about an hour and a half has passed and it’s so thick that I’ll show you how thick it is. That’s how good I feel.

How to Make Easy Greek Yogurt

The longer you sit to make it thicker. Now it will be thicker in the fridge and I’ll show you tomorrow too because we’ll let it sit in the fridge overnight. But now we are bringing it back to the jar and keeping it in the fridge. Okay, so the liquid that’s left in the pot, you call it serum.


You can see that it is slightly yellow. You can save it and use it to mash potatoes or use it in any recipe that basically calls for buttermilk. You can feed it with your chickens. I would not recommend drinking it directly, but you can also dump it in your garden for some additional nutrients. So now we are going to take this curd and store it in the refrigerator and we’ll see you tomorrow and show you how thick it has become overnight.


Okay, so take a look at our yogurt the next morning. Here’s one of our jars … if I can remove the lid … it will show you what it looks like. Look how fat he is. This is exactly how I like my Greek yogurt. So the longer you leave it, if you like it, it’s even thicker than that, they just let it steep for about two hours and strain for 2 hours and it’s really scoopable at that point. is.


Now what do I use it for? I keep it that simple, I don’t add anything to it because I like to use it in both savory and sweet dishes. So for the salty, I’ll use it as a substitute for sour cream like chili and when I say I’m making a tuna salad, mix it in half with the mayonnaise. I also use it for sweet dishes like apple pie or pumpkin pie instead of whipped cream.


I think it is delicious. Just mix it with a little honey and place it on the cake. But my absolute favorite method is with some granola, homemade granola on top, and some nuts. And I will leave you this recipe at the end. I hope you liked it. If you like to make yogurt or if you had experience making yogurt in the past, please comment below.

How to Make Easy Greek Yogurt - Video Included
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