A DXN COFFEE can Change your Life?

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Health Benefits of DXN Coffee Lungzhi

Lingzhi is made from 2 ingredients

1)         World’s Best Brazilian Coffee Beans.

2)        King of herbs  GANODERMA LUCIDUM.

This coffee contains only 2% caffeine where as other coffee contains up to 28%. The higher percentage of caffeine is injurious & damages our health.

Lingzhi Coffee Miraculously gives amazing relief in gas, acidity & constipation. Other coffee gives birth & increases these problems of gas acidity & constipation.

Drinking Lingzhi increases appetite & improve digestion system where as other coffee decreases appetite and damages Digestive system. 

Consuming Lingzhi every day increases immune system. By drinking Lingzhi you get Vitamins B3, Calcium, Iron, Potassium and phosphorus. Other coffee doesn’t give you any of these.
     v     3in1 It has NON DAIRY Creamer. So you get the color & taste without putting milk. It also contains low calorie sugar it is very good for gas & constipation problems.
             Lingzhi 2in1 this is Black Coffee with little quantity of low calorie sugar.

Lingzhi 2in1 Black (Sugar-free) it is for those who like to drink strong coffee. It contains Coffee & Ganoderma gives many health Benefits like Cardiac Problems, Asthma, sugar (diabetes control), pain in joints, reducing cholesterol, triglycerides, arthritis, improving blood circulating & nerves system.

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