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Safe and Natural Detox Methods

Detox diets are increasingly popular which means you will find a lot of information about them – some of it misleading and some of it downright dangerous!
How can you know which detox methods are safe and effective? And how do you know if you even need to detox?
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Nature has designed your body with the ability to rid itself of toxins. Your liver, kidneys, gut, lymphatic system, and skin all work in perfect harmony to protect your body from harmful waste products from within and toxins from without. So, why would you need to go on a detox diet?
Unfortunately, there are several factors which can decrease your body’s ability to self-regulate. Stress, a poor diet, and an overabundance of toxins in our environment can all conspire to make it more difficult for your body to cleanse itself.
There are several cleansing plans which are currently popular such as the red tea detox or green tea detox. The reality is that they don’t provide your body with the nutrients it requires and can actually cause you to gain weight.
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Allowing your body’s natural process to take place is an easy and safe way to detox. And there are several ways you can assist your body such as removing any type of processed food from your diet.
In addition, here are several ways to achieve a safe and natural detox which won’t break the bank or take a lot of time:
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1.       Eat Real Food
 Eating real food means eating fresh, unprocessed food. This type of food is available at many stores and doesn’t cost a fortune to buy.
a.       Fruits offer several benefits. They are high in nutrients, including beneficial antioxidants, and are easily digestible. Many of them contain a high concentration of water which keeps your body hydrated and assists in flushing out toxins.
b.       Citrus fruits, such as oranges, grapefruit, limes and lemons, are especially beneficial for your body when it’s struggling to flush out toxins. Many people recommend drinking lemon water first thing in the morning as it helps cleanse the liver.
c.       Vegetables that contain a high concentration of sulfur like asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, kale, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower are a fantastic part of a detox program because they help remove harmful chemicals from the body. It’s best to eat vegetables raw, but if you must cook them, then lightly steam them to ensure you are keeping as much of the vitamins and minerals as possible.
d.       Garlic is a powerful anti-inflammatory and contains antioxidants which some studies suggest can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It is on the top of the list of detox foods as it helps flush chemicals out of the liver.
2.       Breathe.
Of course, you breathe, but do you breathe deeply? Probably not, since most people “shallow breathe” which doesn’t completely expand your lungs and doesn’t fully oxygenate your body. Deep breathing boosts your lymphatic system by increasing oxygen levels, and this begins the detox phase.
Take a few minutes in the morning to run through a few small and heavy breathing exercises. This will not only give you a boost in energy but will be beneficial to your overall health.
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3.    Brush Your Skin
Skin is without a doubt the largest organ of your body. It’s also responsible for eliminating around 15% of toxins in your body. This is why some people refer to the skin as a third kidney. If you suffer from dry skin, then it’s recommended that you brush your skin to eliminate dead skin cells and help stimulate blood circulation.
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4.    Exercise
Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety but is also one of the best natural ways to kick start the detoxification process. It boosts all parts of your body by helping vital vitamins and nutrients reach all the areas of your body.
Exercising causes you to sweat, and toxins are released through the skin. If you sweat heavily, make sure to wipe the sweat away.
Detox diets can be a powerful way to start taking control of your health. However, it’s important that you research and determine which methods are safe and effective. You don’t need to embark on a fad diet or take extreme measures. You can achieve incredible results by making small but important changes to your lifestyle.
Enjoy life but do it in the most natural way possible.


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