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Types of Depression : Depression Disorder

Types of Depression: Depression Disorder

Depression Disorder
Depression Disorder is often interchanged with Depressive Disorder and Major Depression. Depression Disorder is a mood disorder. Individuals affected by Major Depression Disorder must have uninterrupted symptoms for a period of at least two weeks. Basically, these individuals are depressed, they do not see any joy or excitement in life. They lack interest or take any pleasure in their daily activities. They don’t plan and anticipate good events to happen for them. The world is an uninviting place and they have no hope or lust for life.
With major depression, many of the patients lack interest in the most basic daily activities such as housework and hygiene. Some individuals withdraw from life and social activities. It goes without saying that if a person has withdrawn from people and social activity they will not be in the mood to have sexual relations with a partner. They may become recluses in their own home and some do not even feel the need to get out of bed. People with Depressive Disorder may sleep all the time or have trouble sleeping and waking up often. They may stay awake all night worrying about their problems. They can be very irritable and anxious. They may even lose their appetite or their desire to eat and thus lose weight or they can overeat and gain weight. Food can become a solace to a very severely depressed individual, or they lose weight because they have no desire to eat.
Other depression symptoms exhibited by a person who suffers from Depression Disorder of this type include; flat affect, what that means is that the person exhibiting this symptom does not show any emotions. They feel empty. They don’t feel sad or glad. For example, if something good were to do happen such as a birth of a child or a friend or family member celebrating an award or job promotion, they would show little or no joy or enthusiasm. Basically, life has no more meaning. Individuals suffering from Depression Disorder may have trouble concentrating or remembering things, and they may have difficulty making decisions especially since their mood is negatively clouding their judgment.
Depression Disorder is not only limited to mental depression, but there are also physical problems as well. People with this depression are sluggish, listless, have very little energy. These individuals may have frequent headaches, constant chronic pain, digestive disorders and may also have attempted suicide or have thoughts about it. Some individuals will turn to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate. No one individual will have all the symptoms, at least three of them are necessary to get the diagnosis.
Depression Disorder can affect anyone. There is a chemical component where the chemicals in the brain are not releasing enough serotonin and this affects moods, and there is also the environmental aspect where a life crisis can bring on a major depression episode. Some individuals will have only one episode in their lifetime, and some will have several episodes over a lifetime. Each mental depression will differ in terms of symptoms and causes. If you feel you are suffering from this debilitating illness, please find the energy to seek medical attention. There is help out there in the form of antidepressants and counselling.


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